Academy Foot Center Aesthetics

Addressing the needs of individuals with medical concerns.

Aesthetics. Have you ever felt embarrassed to take off your shoes and socks in public? How you feel about yourself, your own self-esteem and self-image can be directly affected by such things as feet that are not so pretty. Addressing the needs of individuals with medical concerns.


In-House Retail Products

Besides durable medical equipment of braces and orthotics, Academy Foot Center currently houses Pedaesthetica’s retail line of APMA recognized pododermatological products, gizmos and gadgets for pain relief.  Come and see the latest in foot cosmeceuticals, pediceuticals, pads and stinky feet relievers. 

Also available are the latest and most popular styles of Vionics with orthoheel technology.  

Reflexology, Massage & Reiki Services 

Available by appointment only is a Certified Reflexologist and Massage Therapist and a Master Reiki Specialist.  On the rare occasion that conventional medicine is not always enough, addition of alternative holistic care complements are warranted.  

Reflexology is the tissue manipulation of certain body zones through the feet via a system of massage used to relieve tension and treat illness, based on the theory that there are reflex points on the feet, hands, and head linked to every part of the body.

Reiki is a Japanese therapeutic technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing administered via the “laying on hands” and uses the flow of unseen “life force energy”.


For sweaty feet after topical anti-perspirants have failed.  Lasts approximately 3 – 6 months.

Medical Pedicures:

  • Created by Demand from patients because of risk of nail-skin infections via nail salon pedicures
  • All instruments pre-packaged new – never used, or sterilized in autoclave
  • No use of unsanitary whirlpool jets
  • Nail Polish created by Doctors, anti-fungal, and NO toxic chemicals.  Safe for expecting mothers.
  • New nail polish brushes for every client
  • A la carte add-ons also available (parrafin wax, massage, foot facial)
  • Providing and medical grade sterility and alternatives to traditional nail salons

Medical Grade ToeNail Prosthesis:

KeryFlex Nail Restoration System

  • Few options for patients with toenail disorders
  • Repeat visits for care because appearance of nails is important to patients
  • Greater risk of nail-skin infections via nail salon pedicures for their unsightly nails
  • As shown, the KeryFlex? System can be used to address these unmet needs
  • May be used concurrently oral anti-fungal or after laser treatment.  Some topicals not recommended.

Toenail Fungus FootLaser:  Available NOW

Bye-bye embarrassing toenail fungus!

The PinPointe FootLaseris a revolutionary podiatric laser procedure that is painlessly, safely and effectively eliminates toenail fungus after just one 30-minute session.

It is the only FDA approved laser for fungal toenails, found only at Academy Foot Center of Hawaii, Inc.